10/14/12 Six Feet Under The Stars chapter 10 up!

Six Feet Under The Stars (Chapter 10)

Here is the update after nearly five months! I felt a sudden inspiration to write today. I'm not sure how long the next update will…
Jenna Oct 14, 2012

Six Feet Under The Stars (Chapter 9)

Not much to say about this one, except that here is the update! Still working to finish this story! If anyone out there is still…
Jenna Jun 25, 2012

Decisions regarding buzznet!

I've decided that I am going to finish Six Feet Under The Stars. After that, I'll probably check in every once in a while for…
Jenna May 31, 2012

Skinny Love ONESHOT

I know no one is probably expecting this, but that's okay! This is not a Hawkeye/Black Widow pairing, even though those characters are equally great. I…
Jenna May 30, 2012

Six Feet Under The Stars (Chapter 8)

I don't know if this will be my final update, because I'm contemplating whether or not to take a break from/leave buzznet. I don't know…
Jenna May 11, 2012

All The Right Words ONESHOT

Ok, so I came up with an idea! I'd like to read some of your writing. Drop a comment/link below to a oneshot you've written…
Jenna Apr 20, 2012

Six Feet Under The Stars (Chapter 7)

I just wanted to remind everyone that the flashbacks/memories in this story are written in italics. It's been a while, so some may have forgotten…
Jenna Apr 07, 2012

Six Feet Under The Stars (Chapter 6)

Thank you for the feedback on the other chapter guys! I'm happy to see everyone is getting a feel for the characters.  Everyone around them had…
Jenna Mar 19, 2012

Six Feet Under The Stars (Chapter 5)

Finally updated haha. Hope you guys like this chapter! :) "You're not serious."  "I am! Come on Hayley, have a heart." Alex tugged on her shirt sleeve…
Jenna Mar 02, 2012


Seems all I have time for nowadays are oneshots, haha. Morning classes can go down a deep dark well kthanksbye. At least I have writing…
Jenna Feb 24, 2012


This features another couple I've never worked with before: Rachel Mcadams and the (oh-so-delish) Ryan Gosling. Enjoy everyone! Happy Valentine's Day!  It's not that she's scared…
Jenna Feb 14, 2012
Jenna Feb 05, 2012
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